Satellite data, simple

Satellite data for Campbell Sci. dataloggers


SDS is an all-in-one satellite communications system to add onto Campbell Scientific systems

Single, 6 core cable wiring
Single, 6 core color coded wiring
  • HARDWARE. Completely integrated antenna, Iriduim SBD transceiver and support hardware in a rugged IP68 housing with versatile mounting options. Mount directly onto your cabinet, pole, buoy, roof or almost any location
  • SOFTWARE. Provided with a powerful CRBasic software library to support the required functions, including two-way (send and receive) data and configuration. Adding satellite to your program is as simple as 3 instructions, include the library, initialize the transceiver, send the data.
  • WEB-SCADA. Includes data delivery in plain text Email messages or integrated to a powerful web-SCADA.
Iridium is the only truly global network
Everything required to add to datalogger
Compact & Light
355g suitable for small buoys
Waterproof IP68

Iridium SBD

Utilizing the Iridium SBD network, the only truly global satellite system, with 66 current satellites and compatible with the upcoming Iridium NEXT constellation. If you have a clear view of the sky, you can transmit data. Hardware interface includes power control, RS232 serial communications, and dedicated hardware alerts for Network Availability, and Ring Alert (incoming message notification)

Low Power
0mA standby, 100mA (avg) when transmitting
Suitable for the most exposed locations
Color Coded
6 core color coded cable, field replaceable
Digital Outputs
Digital output for Network Availability and Ring Alert


CRBasic Simplified

Included with every system is access to the Iridium library that simplifies the steps in hardware interfacing, power control, message transmission and incoming configuration messages. Use the library to integrate satellite communications into any new or existing Campbell Scientific Pakbus Datalogger program while maintaining control on all the other requirements of the station (measure sensors, store data, control outputs, etc). Programming is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Include Library
Include "CPU:Iridium.DLD"
2. Initialize
Call SetupIridium
3. Send Data
Call SendIridium(IMEI, FloatValues, BinaryValues, Hourly, EventThreshold)

Choose how to receive your data

And rest assured, if you want to unlock the hardware and use your own platform, that is available.


For simple systems, the email subscription includes plain text email data reports. Receive emails in under one minute from transmission, with plain text data and approximate transmit location details

Plain text email data reports


Using the most advanced data collection platform for Campbell Scientific dataloggers, seamlessly integrate data from any compatible system. HTTPS security, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, security roles & permissions, alarms & notifications, dashboards, animated gauges, charts, lists, maps, data export, event logs, quality control, data editing, smart filters, usage monitoring, templates and instances and much much more.

Login to your current network or request access here.
EMAIL: $33/month
Email data, line-rental, daily summary + 30 monthly event alerts (up to 5 points/alert)
BASIC: $48/month
Email package + web-SCADA subscription
POWER: $90/month
Basic package + 2-hourly updates & 120 monthly event alerts


Download brochure. Quick start guide available upon request below.


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